St. John’s Church Council Minutes For November 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm in the Fellowship Center with the following in attendance: Mark Perry, Dan Dummermuth, Angie Gump, Dave Gingrich, Adam Herman, Vicki Rufener, Sue Ferbrache, Susan Penrod, Clyde Penrod, Karen Dummermuth, Lori Phillips, Ed Rufener, Bob Feutz, John Deitrick, Rob Gump, Laiken Wallick, Rev Dunkle, Pastor Dotty, Belinda Lentz and Heather Smith.

Treasurer’s Report

- The general fund ended the month with a balance of $1,878. $57,295 has been transferred from Investments during 2018. Motion by Adam Herman, second by Clyde Penrod. Treasurer’s Report approved.

Senior Minister’s Report

- Constitution Amendment for hiring ministerial staff from outside UCC. Motion by Dave Gingrich with second by Vicki Rufener to take amendment to Congregation for vote. Motion approved.

- Beginning Jan 6, will be having additional informal Church service in Fellowship Center from 8:00-8:30 am. Motion by Adam Herman with second by Clyde Penrod. Motion approved.

- Establish policy for disbursement of funds by Benevolence/Goodwill Committee. Motion by Ed Rufener with second by Rob Gump. Motion approved.

- Approve Benevolence/Goodwill Committee requested to donate to Uhrichsville Police Department for purchase of 10 active shooter ballistic vests and first aid kits totaling $12,227.60. Motion by Sue Ferbrache with second by Clyde Penrod to approve donation for half of what was requested. One nay vote. Motion approved.

Pastor of Visitation’s Report

- Need adult volunteers to take youth to members’ homes for Advent Lantern Project.

- 159 boxes collected for Operation Christmas Child

Director of Christian Education’s Report

- Youth Group – Selling Christmas greens, Lock-In Nov 23-24, Live Nativity Dec 15 & 16.

- XOO – Hosting ALL Church Advent Festival Nov 28 beginning at 5:30 with covered dish dinner.

Elder’s Report

- Working on publicity of Advent and Christmas Eve services.

Trustee’s Report

- Quote from Miceli Glass for 2 front doors for Educational Building totaling $13,500 to be paid from Capital Improvement Fund. Motion by Clyde Penrod with second by Adam Herman. Motion approved.

Deacon’s Report

- Passed around communion sign-up sheet. Utilizing scholarship recipients for ushering on Christmas Eve.

Board of Christian Education's Report

- Raised $437 for Blessing Box from Chicken Dinner take-out fundraiser.

Reports of Committees/Task Forces

- Organ Committee – whistling of organ being fixed. - Finance Committee

– 2019 Budget presented totaling $398,637. Motion by Bob Feutz with second by Ed Rufener for Congregational vote on Nov. 18. Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45.